Styling Adele Cany | Rosie Williams for Wonderland

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Makeup Eli Wakamatsu | How To Spend It

Makeup Marita Politou

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Manicure Kim Treacy | Timex x Ted Baker

Grooming Stefan Jemeel | NIKE

Hair & Makeup Emil Zed | Ziet Magazin

Hair & Makeup Marita Politou | Elle Germany

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Zoo Magazine | Styling Michael Miller

Styling Chris Benns | Champion

Makeup Aga Brudny | Big Star Jeans

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Hair & Makeup Emil Zed | Vogue Turkiye

Hair and Makeup Stefan Jemeel | Plaza Kvinna

Styling Chris Benns | Matches

Grooming Marita Politou | NR Magazine

Hair Terri Capon | Matches Fashion

Makeup Marita Politou | Rain Magazine

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Makeup Amy Conley | Vogue Poland

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Hair Emil Zed | Vogue China

Hair Dirk Walther | L’Officiel Ukraine

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Styling Adele Cany | Wonderland