Styling Sally Anne Botlon | Vogue Portugal

Makeup Jessica Mejia | Carton

Styling Chris Benns | Matches Man

Styling Tona Stell | L’Officiel Mexico

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Grooming Jason Crozier | Volt

Hair Emil Zed | L’Officiel Ukraine

Styling Adele Cany | Rollacoaster

Hair & Makeup Aga Brudny | Tulle Tale

Styling Sally Anne Bolton | Vogue Portugal

Hair Emil Zed | Vogue Portugal

Styling Tona Stell | Wonderland

Grooming Amy Conley | Mr Porter

Manicure Michelle Class | The Gay Times

Hair & Makeup Marita Politou | Vogue Urkaine

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Styling Adele Cany | Rollacoaster

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Hair & Makeup Aga Brudny

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Hair & Makeup Jessica Mejia | Mother of Pearl

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Manicure Michelle Class | Maisie Williams for British Vogue

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Hair & Makeup Emil Zed | Marie Claire Italia

Makeup Terri Capon | Izzy Bizu

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